The Method

Scientifically sound and validated


Profilingbrands is the only method that measures the “inner values” and the current situation of a brand, a business or an organizational unit. The information, from which the report is derived, is collected with the help of an online survey. Overall, the character traits are depicted in two different qualities – in skills (abilities) and in willingness (interests). The evaluation is based on value psychology and determines the deviations from a logical-mathematical position. The tool cannot be manipulated and can be carried out anywhere around the clock. The convenient, quick, online-procedure only takes 20 minutes for each participant. Corporate members (employees, management, supervisory board, owners …) can and should be surveyed, as well as external dialog groups (customers, suppliers, partners, opinion makers …). The selection of participants is best handled in direct coordination with the project leader.


Profilingbrands is based on the scientific value psychology approaches of Professor Robert S. Hartman, a German scientist who immigrated via England and Mexico to the USA in 1932. Profilingbrands assumes that every brand has a personality, just as people do. The competency scales in profilingbrands have been scientifically validated many times. Profilingbrands is a unique system worldwide.

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