Scientific Knowledge

Quality is our standard


We meet every quality standard which is placed on psychological testing. The scientific system is based on three pillars: objectivity, reliability, and validity.


Objectivity means that profilingbrands always delivers the same results, independent of who is carrying out, evaluating, and interpreting the procedure.


Reliability is another word for dependability and exactness. The results remain the same, even when the test is repeated.


The validity relates to the appropriateness, relevance, and usefulness of specific inferences which can be carried out on the basis of the results. Valid tests measure exactly what that are supposed to measure.


For a systematic overview and discussion of different test qualities, we recommend the following scholarly literature: Moosbrugger, Helfried, Kelava, Augustin (publ.), Testtheorie und Fragebogenkonstruktion, 2007.


To learn more about the scientific background of profilingbrands, we suggest the standard work about the validation of the Hartman Value Profile (HVP).


Leon Pomeroy (edited by Rem B. Edwards): The New Science of Axiological Psychology, Amsterdam - New York 2005.


The HVP is the “engine” that drives profilingbrands. Information about the developer of HVP, Robert S. Hartman, can be found in Wikipedia in English and German.


Additional information can be obtained from the Robert S. Hartman Institute:


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